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Adreena Winters Gets Drilled by HUGE BBC

Rates : 105


December 8, 2018
Adreena Winter's is a manager at a 5 star hotel and has been getting several noise complaints up on the 3rd floor. She goes up to talk to Richard Mann, who has been staying in the room. Adreena tells Richard that the complaints have gotten so bad, she has to remove him from the hotel. Richard insists that there is nothing going wrong, and invites Adreena Winters in to take a look. Once she gets into the room, she notices special lights and film equipment. Richard tells her he's actually a male porn star, and has been filming in the room. Adreena gets curious and asks "What qualifies you to be a male pornstar?". Richard isn't good at explaining things, so he'd rather just show her...... Adreena ends up memerized by the size of Richard's massive cock. She devours every inch of it, taking it deep in to her throat. But Adreena's also a very nasty, ass eating slut as well. So she stuck her tongue into his ass as well. Nothing like seeing a white woman suck black cock and eat black asshole before she's demolished by that long black rod of steel.

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