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Alexis Andrews XXX PAWG

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February 9, 2018
Whats up? I hope you're all ready for some interracial PAWG booty and BBC action. I linked up with Alexis Andrews, a new PAWG porn model with a giant soft white booty. This chick was straight up pretty as fuck with a mesmerizing fucking ass. Booty was shaking like a fucking earth quake! Of course I got her the poppin outift, had her shake that big white ass all around the bed before we got that interracial sex popping. I had to devour that booty, her ass was like a pillow. After worshiping and shoving my tongue up her asshole I had to stuff my dick in her as deep as possible and pound that big white booty. She did a whole lot of dirty talking too, I think she liked how much I was eating that ass lol. This is some hot PAWG interracial action right here in this video, make sure you see this one.

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