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Ellie Thick made me cum twice!

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June 11, 2020
What up! So i used to have this girl come along and hold the camera for me in the early days of freakmob, you've might have seen her in old BTS footage. Well she hit me up and told me she needed money and wanted to try porn. I fucked her a few time already so I knew she had what it takes, But she hit me with some new skills! This girl Ellie Thick has the ability to stuff my entire dick & entire ball into her mouth and the same time and actually suck on everything! OMG not only does it feel incredible, but it looks so hot to see a big girl litteraly eat you alive like sausage and meatballs. Her ass is fucking huge too, At the end, i busted two nuts on her face back to back! tell me in the comments what yall think about Ellie Thick, should i bring her back?

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