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Minnie Scarlet gets real WET

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October 6, 2020
So I'm at the crib just chillin and someone knocks on my door, I open the door and this sexy lil asian girl that lives down the hall is there. She tells me her water isn't working at her apartment and she asks if she can use my shower really fast. OF course I said yes lol. Once she goes in the shower I noticed the door was cracked a little bit so i started peeking in...actually i started to watch her shower. Her body is so small and tiny and she tatted up looking hot as fuck. But then She catches me spying on her! FUCK!. She was mad as hell and threatened to call the police on me. I apologized and begged her not to call the police. That's when she said if i suck her toes and eat her ass, she wont tell. One thing led to another and I ended fuck fucking this hot asian girl. She came for a shower but then got wet for real.

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